About Us


Usually in a group setting, and can be done on your horse or mine. We have horses and ponies of all sizes and abilities to help you keep improving your riding skills, no matter your age or riding ability. 

Ages 6+. 

Lessons sessions are usually  3 or 4 months, 1x or 2x a week (your choice). 

Sessions start in February, May and September. 

Clinics (3 to 4 hour lessons) are usually in December, January and spring. 

Clinic requests are available for 3+ people. 



Group sizes are usually 2-4 people with the same general riding abilities. Great way to meet new people with the same interests as you, or bring a friend with and enjoy the ride.

Riding styles

My time at UWRF has given me the ability to teach any basic style of riding, western or English. Their preferred style of riding at school is reining, so you can see those valuable basic riding skills shine on through my students. My personal preference is gaming and barrel racing. I've been successfully competing in it since I was a little kid and it still gets my heart pumping!!

Even if your not into competing people come here for all types or reasons; from fulfilling childhood dreams, to weekly outdoor exercise, regular animal companionship and/or just getting ready for riding on the beach while on vacation.